I can't see the colour I would like, what can I do?

Your fabric bouquet can be made in any colour combination you would like. Please just contact us and we can go from there.

Will a custom made bouquet cost any extra?

To change the colour of your fabric bouquet does not cost any extra. If you would like to make other changes, for example, more freshwater pearls or crystals, this will add to the cost. Please contact us to find out how much.

I have received my fabric bouquet but I'm not happy, what can I do?

We want your special day to be amazing and love that you have chosen our bouquets to make it amazing. Please contact us with any problems you have and we will do our best to resolve them. If we can not sort out the problem, we will offer a full refund on your bouquet, as long as it is in perfect condition. Please see the returns page for full terms.

What fabric is the bouquet made from?

Each flower is hand cut from a 100% polyester chiffon. We use polyester so the bouquet lasts and there is no risk from any mean-protein-eating-bugs like moths!

Is the fabric suppose to fray?

Yes we use a lovely chiffon fabric, and because of the nature of the fabric it will fray a little, but this adds to the soft look of the bouquet.

Can I throw the bouquet?

No! The bouquet is made from a lot of wire and is therefore fairly heavy. You risk hurting and breaking the bouquet if you throw it. If you would like something to throw, there are all fabric or ribbon bouquets on sites like Etsy.

Can I add a picture of someone special to my bouquet?

Of course. We can put a little charm with a photo in it and add it to the bouquet so they can walk with you down the aisle.