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  1. We are currently hooked on the latest version of War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy showing on BBC1, Sunday nights. Whilst some online have been complaining about the historical inaccuracies of the costumes, there is no doubt that some of the dresses are lovely. Fashion is inspired by many things, one of them being popular TV programmes; Marc Jacobs and Ralph Lauren have both had collections that have been influenced by Downton Abbey in the past.

    So, maybe future trends will be inspired by War and Peace? Whether you fancy being a trendsetter, or, just like me, love the dresses worn by the likes of Natasha Rostova and Hélène Kuragina, I have found some current collection wedding dresses that echo the BBC’s War and Peace feeling.


    Inspired by Natascha’s lovely bridal-like dress she wore at the Tsar’s New Years Eve Ball where she made her society debut? Well, I love these dresses by Jenny Packham as a modern day alternative. Simple and  elegant with beautiful beadwork.

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    I  know that summer is coming up, but if you too fell in love with Natasha’s gorgeous white winter hooded coat…


    … maybe a lovely white hooded cloak by Mariell Designs would be perfect for a winter wedding, where you need to keep the cold out. Let’s face it, that big winter rain coat may be brilliantly warm and does a great job keeping the wind and rain out, but it will not look elegant with your delicate lace and satin wedding dress!


    Helene’s bridal headpiece when she married Pierre Bezukhov was very striking, but take away the headpiece and you are left with a very beautiful and elegant lace veil.


    This modern equivent beautiful lace veil by Claire Pettibone certainly ticks all my boxes.


    And now I have to get back to catching up with the latest installment…

    Ali x

  2. A new year, a new blog. For my first post I thought I start with sharing a little bit about myself.

    me2 I’m Ali, 30, married for 6 years with 2 beautiful children a girl, 3, and a boy, 1.

    I have always had a love of weddings, and have been around them from a very early age, having been taken to them by my parents who used to run a mobile disco. I remember looking at the brides, thinking how beautiful they were and hoping I would one day get to wear my own white dress.

    I met my husband at my local Ceroc venue 9 years ago. He is a very shy man, so it was a bit of a surprise to us both that we did not stop talking the whole night on our first date (which I was convinced was just “going out as friends!”). A year and a half later we got engaged on a little bridge over a river in his home village and a year a half after that we were married.


    I have always had a love of Textiles and did a Fashion Textiles degree. I loved getting my hands dirty (or in my case – dyed!) working in the print and dye room. Starting to create my own fabric bouquets felt like the perfect way to combine my love of weddings and my love of all things fabric.

    I can’t wait to share my journey, juggling starting a new business, with being a mummy and some exciting wedding ideas when they catch my eye!

    Ali  x