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  1. Blogging has taken a little bit of a back seat recently as I have been concentrating on creating new samples using my splendid new fabric; so without further ado…

    I am very excited to launch our beautiful new bouquets made with our gorgeous new fine knitted fabric.


    It is a beautiful high quality fine knitted nylon that can be hand dyed to any colour you wish. It has a gorgeous sheen that allows the flowers to catch the light with a subtle grace.

    dyed fabricHand dyed fabric

    The fabric can be dyed to any colour – if you need a particular colour, please send a sample of the colour you need so we can match it. Or you can pick from our range of Dylon dyes.


    We chose a synthetic fabric to protect your flowers from any mean protein-eating-bugs, like moths and carpet beetles. It is a knitted fabric so the flowers keep their shape and will not fray but will look stunning the whole night long and for many years to come.

    Ali  x

  2. Last time we looked at fabric flower bouquets and brooch bouquets, now we look at button bouquets and paper bouquets.

    Button Bouquets

    Button bouquets are beautiful. The buttons create a lovely tactile bouquet and have a wonderful shape to them. I love this beautiful bright purple button bouquet by Buttons and Boys, a seller on Etsy.


    Buttons also come in all shapes and sizes, so your bouquet can be made in any colour, or even feature funky shaped buttons, just like this comic book superhero button bouquet by Button Beads Bouquets.


    If you want your button bouquet to have a bit of sparkle, look at this gorgeous pastel button bouquet by Beaubuttons with added crystals and pearls.


    Paper Bouquets

    Paper bouquets are absolutely stunning – especially when you think they are made of just paper! The paper is folded, creased and curled to create gorgeous shapes, just like this stunning paper bouquet is by Paper Bouquets.


    The paper can also be cut and sprinkled with glitter to very good effect, like this gorgeous paper bouquet by The Paper Flower Bouquet.


    Ali x